Picture: Mike Werner

Picture: Mike Werner

There´s no place like wilderness home


and There is no story without a storyteller – I am the storyteller, Terhi from Kuttura.

Our tiny reindeer herders´ village is situated in the middle of Finnish Lapland, 46 km west of Saariselkä. It is at the end of a narrow dirt road on the upper stream of Ivalo River.

Cradled in the arms of the woods, in the middle of the wilderness, we live; my husband, our cat, our dog, and now and then the children and grandchildren. Our reindeer stay around the house from time to time, too. We live in a harmonious fusion of “Saminess” and “Finnishness” in which the old ways and the modern times shake hands with each other.

Wilderness has its own luxury in the natural rhythm of the days, with ever-changing seasonal daylight, and the colours and sounds of nature.

It`s a quiet forest where the smallest cracking sounds of an icy tree can be heard during those mighty cold winter days, or  it can be full of bird song stories. It´s the colours of the sky, the stars, the moon, the aurora borealis and the midnight sun. Only by moving slowly, moving quietly, stopping from time to time, can one experience those moments of the woods, which nestle down deep into one’s soul  -  the epitome of mindfulness.

Our life is defined by our environment.

The forest is our front and back yard. If I´m not inside the house, I´m in the woods working, or just moving along. Our food is the bounty of nature: berries, game and fish. Reindeer are a vital part of our life, and they keep us going. Life is not entirely work; we chill, too.

You can travel back in time to the 1960´s at our rustic home.

The old log house welcomes you warmly, providing comfort while the cold envelops its external planking. That´s the time to wrap yourself in a blanket on the sofa and let the house to tell her stories from the old days. In our world, our wants and luxuries are simple:  a warm bed, woolen socks and the crackling of the burning logs in a fireplace.