Our activities

Here are our versatile activities, which are made just for you. Sustainable living and protecting nature are the most valuable values in our life and these values shows in our services, too.

Winter activities

Picture: Katrin Simon

Picture: Katrin Simon

Picture: Katrin Simon

Picture: Katrin Simon

Picture: Katrin Simon

Picture: Katrin Simon


Let´s move around

Straight after the snow is on the ground we can start my favourite way of moving around outside, it´s the most ecological and environmentally friendly way going along – the kick sledding. At the beginning of winter, we can do kick sledding along the wilderness road of Kuttura and after the river ice is strong enough we can move along the river, too. We don´t need to hurry up, we just take it slow and enjoy the beauty of artic wilderness nature and the colours of Polar night sky and snow. We observe the winter life of arctic animals by reading their footprints on a snow.  Finally, we go to my best place, and make a fire and fry sausages and make some nice coffee or tea. We simply enjoy the nature and feel warm and cosy.

1-5km. Duration 2hrs. 60 EUR / person. Max 6 persons. Children under 7 yrs. for free. 

6-10km Duration 4-5hrs. 120 EUR / person. Max 6 person. No children.

11-20km. Duration 6-8hrs. 150 EUR / person. Max 6 person. No children.

Nordic Walk on a winter path

Let´s go to my best place around the corner, it´s in the middle of woods. In the mid-winter we walk there with the daylight but when we come back it´ll be dark already. You´ll experience the change of colours of nature and woods during our Polar Night season.  We experience nature with all our senses. We can hear the snow sound under our feet and the quietness of a sleepy forest.  In my best place, we fry sausages, and cook some nice, coffee or tea by the campfire. Around us there is a dark cold forest but we feel safe and homelike by the fire. We can tell stories, you, the forest and me. On our way back home, you might be able to see the northern lights. We have no streetlights in our village.

1-2km Duration 2 hrs. 60 EUR / person. Max 6 persons. Children under 7 for free.

2-4km Duration 4 hrs. 100 EUR / person. Max 6 persons. 


Easy village walk with our dog Lilli

Do you want to see how our village is situated in the forest? How does it feel to live in the cold and dark place in the wintertime? We take Lilli our dog and we walk around the main road and snow tracks around the village during the twilight. When the dark comes, we use the head torchers. We might be able to see the Northern lights, because there are no streetlights in our village. Finally we come to our home and I make a nice cup of coffee or tee with traditional Finnish bun.

Duration 2hrs, 60 EUR / person. Max 6persons. Children under 7 for free.


If there are Northern Lights this is the best place for them….

If you are a Northern Lights watcher, this can be your place to take photos. We have open space/snowfield around our home and by the river next to our home. This is a place without streetlights. We can make you a nice fire outside of our home; it gives an extra beauty for your photos and will warm you up. In the case it´s very, very cold, you can keep yourself warm inside our home while waiting for the lights to appear. We make you nice cup of evening coffee or tea with sandwiches. (However, we can never guarantee that the northern lights will appear)

Duration 6-7hrs from 7p.m.-1 a.m.  120 EUR / person. Max 6 persons. No children.


Mid-winter pike and burbot hook fishing

I love to hook fish pike and burbot during winter months. It´s very icy task and it´s mostly dark while fishing. The hooks/traps have been under ice for the day or night. We need to get them up and this is quite an icy work. However you won´t be cold because we make a fire on the ice and we use head torches in order to see around. If we lucky we get fresh good fish. However, the best part is to sit on ice around the fire and see the open space around us – the river ice. We fry sausages and have a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Duration 2-3 hrs. 80 EUR / person Max 6 persons, children under 7 for free.

Let´s enjoy our life on our yard and just chill…and do some sledding

When the sun appears in February we love to chill… we stay outside, sit down and just watch the animals around, the game of the dog, reindeer and birds. We love the sun, so we drink coffee outside and just chat with each other. We can do sledding from our riverbank to the river ice. It´s a lot of fun. Nevertheless, most of all, we have no hurry. Children can build up snow buildings and I can help them.

Duration 2hrs 60 EUR / person Max 6 persons and children under 7 for free.

Duration 4 hrs. 100 EUR / person. Max 6 persons, includes sausages and sandwiches. Children under 7 for free.

Spring Activities

We have the same winter program but around March we have some female reindeer in a fence by our home.

Let´s do some reindeer work in the home fence

We have some female reindeer in the fence and we take care of them until they have given birth to their spring calf in mid-May . Our reindeer are shy and we can´t rush up in the fence. We make ourselves home in side the fence, make a fire and have a cup of coffee/tea and Finnish traditional bun.  While being around the fire we talk about reindeer. After coffee we can feed the reindeer together. We might have some young male reindeer under training also. In that case you can see how reindeer is getting trained to be a sledge pulling animal.  After May 22 you might be able to see a new born little calves in our fence.

Duration 3hrs. 150 EUR / person. Max 6 person and children under 7 for free.

metsä ja sarvi.jpg
Picture: Kreeta Louhio

Picture: Kreeta Louhio

Summer activities

Nordic Walking Trip - “around the corner” - deep into the woods

Nordic Walking Trip “around the corner” means walk inside to woods . We walk to one of my favorite places by Korsuoja, It´s a a beautiful small gorge in the woods.  It´s not far away, so the  families with kids, elderly people or people who want to have an easy access to wilderness can take part to this trip. On our way we learn to listen to the stories of land and nature.  I show you how to read the land formation and its texture, e.g. the marks of the last ice age, or how to recognize the most common arctic pine forest and wet land plants. By the upper hill of the gorge we make a campfire, have a nice cup of coffee/tea and sausages. We simply enjoy the beauty around us and listen to the sounds of water and forest.  (If there is a forest fire alarm, we´ll enjoy our snack without fire and make the fire on our fireplace by the home.)   

Short walk 1-2km, duration 2hrs, max 8persons, 60 EUR / person children under 7yrs are free.

Long walk 3-5km, 4hrs, max 8 person, 100 EUR / person, children under 7 yrs are free.

Experience the night as the old times forest people did

Who wants to experience the old forest people´s evening, night and morning?  We make it possible around our home. This activity package  includes warming up the wood heated sauna, bringing the washing water from the river, making evening supper over the campfire and sleeping outside on the reindeer skin under the traditional mosquitoes net (rankinen). You will have a free access to our outhouse toilet, too.  In the morning, you will cook a delicious breakfast on a campfire. However, if the night would become too uncomfortable there is a nice bed for you at our home.  This activity is possible for the people who otherwise would have difficulties to access wilderness.

The activity starts around 15 pm and finishes around 12 am next day.

Duration max 21 hrs, Max 4 persons, 120 EUR / person. 

Let´s fish pike!

The Kuttura locals are the only ones with right to fish around our village. However, we can practice traditional pike fish trapping around our home, which is passive fishing. Trap fishing is very exciting and very beneficial. Pike population is increasing and it´s threatening the other river fish population. We go to the river bank and put a new fish trap to the river. After, we go to the traps which have been in a water over the night and get them up. We might get a big pikes or the traps are empty. Depending on catch we either clean the fish and make filles or we make a camp fire, and have a nice cup of coffee, tea with the traditional Finnish bun. Sure, without fish one can still talk about fish and a have a good look at wilderness village.  

The duration 2 hrs, Max 6 persons, 60 EUR / person, children under 7 yrs free.

Let´s go to fish!

To go to fish we need to walk around 6 km downstream of the Ivalo River and 12 km all together. On our way, we have various land formations, marsh areas and cliffs. We don´t hurry up but we take time to look at wilderness plants and land formations. We let our river and surrounding environment to tell her story and her history for us. Finally, we enter the Kyläjoensuu, the common fishing area. We learn to fish, we make a campfire and cook a nice cup of coffee or tea, eat sandwiches and sausages twice – at the beginning and before leaving the place. If we catch fish, we can fry them, too.

Starting time 8 am and finishes around 8 pm – duration some 12-14 hrs. Walking 13 km. 180 EUR / person, max 6 persons. Not for children. Only for people who have a good experience in wilderness walk.

Let´s pick up wild berries!

I start my berry-harvesting season around mid-July when the cloudberries should be ripe, and then I carry on with blueberries and bog whortleberries, lingon berries and crowberries. My berry season finishes when the first cold comes, around mid-September. For us the berries are very important food. We eat the as such and I make juice, jams and porridges out of them. To be in a berry forest, it´s work and fun at the same time. With you, we won´t make it as a hard work, instead you´ll learn to experience the woods from my eyes. This is one of the best seasons for me. We take hot water in thermos drink coffee or tea and eat Finnish sandwiches. We learn to read the forest, and listen to its stories while we relax. Finally, you can enjoy your own catch.  

The duration 2hrs. Max 6 person 60 EUR / person. Children under 7 free.

The duration 4 hrs Max 6 person 100 EUR / person.

Let´s learn to cook and bake of berries!

If you want experience how much fun it is to cook and bake berries, this activity is for you. We can either bake sweet cakes such as berry buns or berry pies. If you want to learn to make Finnish porridges, we can cook sweet lingonberry porridge or salty blue berry porridge. After baking or cooking, we arrange a nice berry lunch for us.

The duration is 4-5hrs. Max 6 persons. 90 EUR / person. Children under 7 are free.

Additional summer programmes

We can arrange additional programs according your interest such as easy walk around the village and surrounding woods, house works such as carrying firewood to house, cooking traditional food, making birch tree branches to dry for reindeer winter forage or simply just chilling outside and drinking coffee.

Duration 2 hrs. Max 6 person 60 EUR / person

Autumn activities

Autumn starts from mid-September and lasts to the end of October. The days are getting shorter and we wait for snow to brighten up or days.

Nordic walk trip to the woods

Nordic walk safari to the heart of the woods. We experience the quietness of forest by the campfire. This is a time to sit down, to relax and tell stories. We listen to each other but we listen to the forest, too and observe how the arctic nature gets ready for the cold and long winter. At the same time the quietness of the forest talks to deeps of our hearts. We fry some sausages and boil some warm drink by the fire.   If we stay longer, the darkness will softly cover us up and the coziness of fire will warm us up In this case we´ll have the light of the head torches on our way back home. You might see some Northern Lights, too.

Duration 2hrs, 60 EUR / person. Children under 7 for free. 

Duration 4 hrs 100 EUR / person.   

Nordic walk trip around the village

We take a nice slow walk around the village and river, we observe how the river and nature get ready for the coming winter, its cold and snow. We can do it by the daylight or in the evening with the light of the head torches. In the evening you´ll experience of life of darkness, there might be the moon, stars or the Northern lights in the sky. You´ll see the clearly, because we have no streetlights in our village. Finally, we make a campfire on our yard, we can tell stories and fry some sausages and make some warm drinks by the fire.

Duration 2hrs, 60 EUR / person. Children under 7 for free.

Wind and rain…

If there is a windy and rainy day, maybe the best thing is to be inside the house. We can warm up our fireplace and fry the sausages there or we can bake some nice traditional Finnish buns. Make a nice cup of coffee or tea and just to sit down and enjoy our bakings. You can experience the coziness of wilderness home.

Duration 2-3hrs, 70 EUR / person. Children under 7 for free.