1.       Can I have special diet food, such as vegetarian, lactose free etc.?

Yes, you can contact us before and tell us your special diet.

2.       Can I take my own food with me?

You can’t, I do the cooking. We have rules of not having any other ingredients but our own. We take care of reindeer and other animals and we have to keep all kind of alien species away.  

3.       What about the car in cold weather?

We might have nearly -40C. This means that you have to make sure that your car has radiation liquids for extreme cold.

4.       What about the car tires?

In winter it´s better to have studded tires or extra chains on Kuttura road.

5.       What kind of clothes I should have?

Wintertime you should have warm winter clothes. If you don´t have any winter clothing you can contact us and tell us your size so that we can arrange convenient clothing for you. You can also rent clothing from Saariselkä;  www.saariselkabooking.com  or www.laplandsafaris.com

6.       Can I take a dog or a cat with me?

It depends on the animal, his/her size and sex. Our dog is a female, and often forest female dogs don´t stand other females around.  If your dog doesn´t like cats, it can be a problem, too.

7.       If I am allergic to animals?

Our dog and cat sleep inside the house most of their nights. However, you can take part in the daily activities of outside programs.

8.       Are your animals hostile towards children?

No, they are used of all age groups.

9.       How can I get there?

We live around 80 km from Ivalo and 50 km from Saariselkä. There are taxies in Ivalo, at the airport and in Saariselkä. Phone: +358 100 87888 or taksi.asema@co.inet.fi Ivalo and Saariselkä +358 100 84644.  You can see the prices from https://www.ivalontaksit.fi/hinnasto From Ivalo there are buses to Saariselkä, too. In case you want me to come pick up you, it´ll be a part of a program. I´ll tell you “road trip stories” of snowstorms and broken cars, and about the time before Kuttura-road. You can be max four people group with light baggage or few people with heavy baggage. The price for Ivalo-Kuttura -route is 100 EUR and 5 EUR per additional person, and Saariselkä-Kuttura -route is 60 EUR and 5 EUR per additional person. The price is for one-way journey.

10.   Do you have mosquitoes in the summer?

Yes, we might have a lot or we might not have nearly any. It depends on the early summer. Mosquitoes are not dangerous and we can protect you with clothing, insect oil or making a mosquito smoke.

11.   Do you have dangerous wild life around your home?

No, wildlife avoids human houses and human voices. We do not have snakes either.

12.   If I have difficulties in walking, can I take part in the program?

Yes, we have various kinds of program, and there are nice short distances where we can take you. We live in the middle of wilderness, so you reach wildness on our yard.

13.   What is your luxury?

This is a rustic place and the luxury is connected to the outside life. It´s easy to access and it´s special.

14.   Do we see anything during the darkness of polar night?

Yes, we have a daylight for 4 hours and we use head torches in the dark. This is an excellent place to see northern lights.

15.   Can we see reindeer?

We have reindeer in our yard from mid-December to end of May. Summer and autumn time there are reindeer that comes to our yard now and then.